k guys i have a confession to make

i haven’t seen a single episode of season 8 yet

i just reblog the pretty destiel gifs so my original followers don’t hate me and unfollow


but season 8 looks like a lot of fun and destiel so I’ll get there eventually! 

everyone i follow is making the most fucking quality graphics/gifs right now and i’m just sitting here with photoshop minimized and crying about how canon destiel is

i remember tumblr (spn fandom) caring way more about the peoples choice awards last year



“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

- When the Fandoms Marry, Meaninglessblah

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Jared are you drunk?????

why doesn’t CW just hire us to do their promo graphics for them?????

Oh, urban dictionary….


dear diary

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VOTE DEAN/CAS because Dean just might be a little upset (and by  “a little upset”, I mean “ragingthrowalltheboardgamestothefloor”)  and hide inside the closet (til he reaches Narnia) forever if you don’t.

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sednareinedeseaux: I'm really not much into the all-out war going on between Destiel and Sterek fans, but I just wanted to point out that some of us just want our favourite pairing to win BECAUSE they're our favourite, and not in order to try and change the show makers' decision. We just want to enjoy this occasion of making our love for these couples known. That said, I agree that the global craziness has to stop. This poll's supposed to be FUN. Not violent.

Yes, that’s completely fine. I definitely agree and share the same view. But as usual, Tumblr has taken it way TOO far. These fandoms make me so ashamed sometimes with the behaviour of some of the whack fangirls.

Thankyou for being a sensible human being haha 

everyone needs to calm down basically is what I’m saying 

Anonymous: was "iwillalwayscomewhenyoucall" a castiel line? and is "forevergoingdownwiththisship" referring to any ship in particular?

Yes Castiel’s line was originally ‘i always come when you call’ to Dean but I added the ‘will’ as a personal change.

The line was always something I was able to relate to and as time passed I could still relate to it, just for different reasons. Now however it’s not as relatable and not a line I particularly like anymore.

forevergoingdownwiththisship is just something I thought up and thought we’d all be able to relate to it being hardcore fanboys/girls of sort. 

It’s gonna take a while to get used to not being iwillalwayscomewhenyoucall, that’s for sure. 

{SPN MEME} seven relationships: meg/ruby

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I can’t keep up with all these ‘daily reminders’ there is way too many so I’m probably just gonna forget anyways