megann-josiee: top 5 ways to grab in oville, wait i don't think it's possible.
  1. Rotary Park
  2. Green Mart
  3. 7-11 Parking Lot
  4. Westside Parking Lot
  5. McDonalds 


in other news I really need to get out of Orangeville

cuz if you’re not a stoner, orangeville’s pretty boring

Anonymous: Did you go to westside?

Umm yes I did. And who might this be?


I got a job at Home Depot as a sales associate. I don’t think I’m going back to school next year so I guess I’m gonna be there for a while to save some money.

Seeing American Reunion tonight with Megan!
A Positive Vent
  • Tonight I’m seeing Fake Problems and Say Anything in Toronto with my best friend
  • Then for the weekend I’m heading up to the cottage
  • School is over in less than 2 weeks
  • Then it’s Summer where I can just be stress free and drunk all the time
  • I may have secured a summer job
  • Maybe life isn’t all that crappy right now.
I live in a town that everyone claims to hate, yet they never seem to leave.