Last night I saw Mitt Romney in a back alley bobbin’ for apples. But it was not Halloween, and that was not an apple. It was a man’s penis.

Anonymous: LOL Cas and Steve are nothing alike, Cas is a gay angel and Steve Rogers is fucking Captain America, your 'parallels' make NO sense.

I don’t care if you disagree anon, lol. I found them to share many personality traits and were faced with really similar conflicts, they even handled some of them the same way, the way I see it these 2 fantastic characters share many parallels between one another, if you think otherwise that’s great, anon hate won’t change my opinion. 

books-in-the-tardis replied to your post: you lame bro

((Responding to hate with Keisha Fabo. You’re my hero.))

It’s how I do things! :P

Anonymous: you lame bro

I asked for questions not anon hate!


You guys, I’m seeing Max Bemis in A WEEK.


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Anonymous: gaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

kaylawemp replied to your video: Is this how Cato got his sponsors?!

This needs to stop.

Anonymous: Gross.


Anonymous: what are your tracked tags right now?

sydnieandmariah: Let's go find some thug daddy's to f*ck with

Time to G-O out the D-O!

supernaturalsfallenangel-deacti: Heeeyyyy Booiiii Heyyyyy

Anonymous: wanna go to the club and pop out pussies?

Can’t nobody keep this Keish-Keish on a leash leash!

Anonymous: Deltrese.


Sorry, I just needed Keisha Fabo back on my blog, and a lot of it.


That gurl needs to stop being such a stupid bitch.

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