I wanna form a ranked 3v3 team to play regulary

send me an ask if you’re interested 

must be; level 30, 500+ wins and a team player

also you have to have skype and or teamspeak 

really disheartened by the lack of ‘stay strongs’ and support as I’m clearly going through a difficult time
in my life

really stoned and wanna watch scary/spooky movies, any suggestions???

what even was this game

You just learned a bit about me:

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the noises celia makes when dying in LoL are not human 

its super obvious to tell who anons are if they use ridiculous emote things they always use OFF anon….. 

im so sorry to anyone who is following me tonight

league of legends is down for maintenance for a few hours

i hope that explains my anger and complexity that ive channeled in my recent posts ……

Anyone wanna arrange a Tumblr premade 3v3 later today?

It’d be cool if you had Skype or Vent

any of my followers play league of legends?

I’m thinking of organizing a team. 

cuz if you’re not a stoner, orangeville’s pretty boring