weyrloc-deactivated20120709: I need a good anime to watch, preferably not many episodes. I need something to get me back into anime, because I haven't been enjoying it as much.

I haven’t been watching many myself but I’d recommend checking out, Mirai Nikki, The Legend of Korra (Not exactly ‘anime’ but still really great) or Accel World if you liked Guilty Crown.

Why am I still tracking Guilty Crown?

That was so 2011!

weyrloc-deactivated20120709: For once we agree. I didn't like Guilty Crown's ending. It was touching but it just left me saying "wait what". Nothing compares to ME3's devastatingly bad ending though. The rest of the game was perfect IMO.

Hooray for agreeing! And yeah that was incredibly disappointing. I still prefer ME2 over 1 or 3.

Hey Guilty Crown Tag,

 Did we watch the same show?! The one I watched was really bad and had an ending equally as horrible as the ME3 ending. Link me to the Guilty Crown that is “omG so awesome ~ agh i luv it so great ending i need moar~!~ sqeee’” Wait on second thought, don’t link me to that. I’m good. 

thebrightest-day: you followed me so I checked out your blog and saw that gif from guilty gear so I started watching it and it's awesome! thanks haha

Ohh haha! Yeah Guilty Crown** Is a pretty fun show. No problem! :)

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Anonymous: what are your tracked tags right now?

seasaltsunset: I really hope they make on OVA or 2 for Guilty Crown, so many unanswered questions!! xD

I don’t really care at this point. Haha I was kinda extremely annoyed with how they ended it

intheforgottenpast-deactivated2: *Sees Guilty Crown, Mirai Nikki, Hunger Games, Madoka, etc.* This is very, very okay with me.

Hahahha, thankyou! I’m glad!!! Your blog is fab as well!

That was kind of a disappointing last episode…
apathyincarnete: hey whats the anime gif set from? (i <3ed it)

I’m on my phone but I’m guessing it’s guiltycrown!

Anonymous: Hey so I have a question for you! I love anime, and I need more shows to watch. I don't like any mech stuff, but I love Bleach, Fairytale, Stein's Gate, Deathnote, Angel Beats, and a few others. I just started watching Guilty Crown and so far I like it, but I'll be done in a few days. So, any recommendations?

Hey there!! Haha you don’t need to go on anon to ask for recs. And you won’t be done in a few days because the last 2 episodes haven’t even aired yet:P If you liked DN and GC then I’d totally recommend Code Geass I know you don’t like mechs and it does have them in it but that’s not really the focus of the show at all, kinda like Guilty Crown. You’ll probably love it so let me know what you think! And if you like Angel Beats then definitely check Ano Hana or Highschool of the Dead out.

My Dashboard is nothing but Guilty Crown right now. I guess the second last episode airs tonight or something.