Anonymous: was "iwillalwayscomewhenyoucall" a castiel line? and is "forevergoingdownwiththisship" referring to any ship in particular?

Yes Castiel’s line was originally ‘i always come when you call’ to Dean but I added the ‘will’ as a personal change.

The line was always something I was able to relate to and as time passed I could still relate to it, just for different reasons. Now however it’s not as relatable and not a line I particularly like anymore.

forevergoingdownwiththisship is just something I thought up and thought we’d all be able to relate to it being hardcore fanboys/girls of sort. 

It’s gonna take a while to get used to not being iwillalwayscomewhenyoucall, that’s for sure. 

Anonymous: LOL Cas and Steve are nothing alike, Cas is a gay angel and Steve Rogers is fucking Captain America, your 'parallels' make NO sense.

I don’t care if you disagree anon, lol. I found them to share many personality traits and were faced with really similar conflicts, they even handled some of them the same way, the way I see it these 2 fantastic characters share many parallels between one another, if you think otherwise that’s great, anon hate won’t change my opinion. 

Why am I getting Destiel feels?! Help!

Messing around in Photoshop and made this. Haha, just though I’d share it!

Just finished episode 342 of Bleach

Brb crying

I ship Ichiruki SO HARD and now…now ughhhhh 

That was like the saddest farewell scene ever and like sigh just seeing Rukia disappear in front of Ichigo’s eyes killed me, and the ‘we’ve been through so much together’ line. K I’m pretty sure this hurts more then the Cas thing.  That’s saying a lot.

YEAH you do Dean.

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And now he’s gone.

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