Reasons I believe that  Kuroyukihime is the daughter of Asuna and Kirito

  • 1. Obviously, Kirito and Asuna love each other very much seeing that there are more than several instances in which each risk their lives to save the other. They also begin dating in the real world after the SAO incident is resolved. 
  • 2. In Volume 7 of “Sword Art Online”, Asuna admits that she would like have a family with Kirito in the real world.
  • 3. Accel World takes place roughly twenty years after Kirito and Asuna would both be over the age of 18. At the beginning of “Accel World”, Kuroyukihime is 13-14 which about the right age should they have waited a few years after marriage to have a child.
  • 4. As far as I’ve read, Kuroyukihime’s real name has not been revealed yet. Therefore, it is possible for her to be anyone’s daughter… but so far the facts do fit in favor of Kirito and Asuna. 
  • 5. This is less fact and more of my personal observation and opinion. Kuroyukihime’s avatar is both a black color (similar to how Kirito dresses) and she also has two swords for hands (similar to how Kirito has the exclusive ‘Dual Blades’ skill in SAO). Another point that I actually have just noticed is that both Kuroyukihime and Kirito use the similar—if not exactly the same—attack skill known as “Vorpal Strike”. The way that their avatars move in both anime adaptations is similar as well, so perhaps it is more than a simple coincidence or hidden reference from the author. Well, that’s just my own observation. It could all merely be a coincidence, but that’s the boring outlook
weyrloc-deactivated20120709: I need a good anime to watch, preferably not many episodes. I need something to get me back into anime, because I haven't been enjoying it as much.

I haven’t been watching many myself but I’d recommend checking out, Mirai Nikki, The Legend of Korra (Not exactly ‘anime’ but still really great) or Accel World if you liked Guilty Crown.

I just realized that the only anime airing this season that I’m actually up to date with/ am following is fucking Accel World

I need to get my shit together like now

I watched the pilot for Accel World today and Kuroyukihime is easily my favourite character by far, just look at this smug bitch.