Tate Langdon → Kit Walker → Kyle Spencer

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As much as I’m enjoying coven, my only problem is unlike the previous seasons, the characters aren’t in any real danger yet that is driving the plot. They aren’t stuck in some haunted house or an asylum, the episodes we’ve seen so far have just  been them going about their witch related business. Not that it hasn’t been fantastic to watch, it just doesn’t have that American Horror Story feel to it yet and I hope that  changes in future episodes. 

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Anonymous: can you review the new AHS season??

Yeah I haven’t done this one yet even though it isn’t over.  

We aren’t even halfway through the season yet so my opinion might change but I doubt it. I don’t think Asylum is my kind of thing at all so this is obviously bias on my behalf.  I loved the first season, I loved the setting, characters and premise. So far out of the episodes I’ve seen of series 2, nothing has me interested. Instead of ghosts we’re dealing with aliens, the setting is no longer a classic haunted house but a dreary insane asylum. None of the characters have appealed to me yet either like they did in season one which I find disappointing. The storytelling is done really differently and it makes it a lot harder to follow which I don’t really like. I realize it’ll all probably make sense as the plot continues to develop but the build up isn’t enjoyable at all for me. From what I’ve seen fans from the previous series either love it or hate it and I’m part of the group that hates it so far and is left disappointed every episode. I’m considering dropping it. 


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American Horror Story Rant

The latest episode of American Horror Story was ‘intense’ to say the least. After I finished the episode while scrolling through the tags the huge common theme was obviously how fucking upset and butthurt everyone was over the Violet and Tate relationship coming to a conclusion. Ryan Murphy also stated that this was the end of it so we can be sure that we won’t be seeing any more of them as a couple.

Am I the ONLY one who didn’t fucking ship these 2? With this being said I’m a huge fan of Violet’s character and I don’t even dislike Tate that much but that whole relationship was fucked beyond belief. I didn’t even ship them from the start. Where did Violet’s relationship with Tate get her? Well it got her severely depressed and oh right, dead! If it wasn’t for Tate, Violet would not have killed herself, in fact she wouldn’t even of been able to acquire the drugs from the other girl who gave them to her. The only reason that girl had them was because Tate came up with the idea to harass the bitch and scare her shitless giving her huge anxiety issues. The entire relationship was completely dysfunctional and unhealthy, and I don’t see what good came out of it. When Violet finally grew a pair and told him to fuck off, I was thrilled unlike the rest of the fandom apparently. Her character developed big time and even though she couldn’t help the fact she was in love with him she knew it was wrong and couldn’t go on any longer, her own mother ended up dead because of it. So yes, thank you so much Ryan Murphy for concluding the ‘Violate’ relationship, if it went on any longer it would just be a disappointment in Violet’s character which has so much potential. Please tell me I’m not alone here?