put another X on the calendar..

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Brand New Jude Law And A Semester Abroad // Arcade Fire The Suburbs // The Deadly Syndrome I Hope I Become A Ghost // Cold War Kids  - We Used To Vacation // Modern Baseball Your Graduation // Less Than Jake The Science Of Selling Yourself Short // Blink-182 I Miss You // Band of Horses The Funeral // Say Anything Woe // Bayside Baby Britain // The 1975 Chocolate // The Band When I Paint My Masterpiece // The Smiths Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

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The winner is…Tatsuya Shiba!

impr3visible said: Cutie pie!

No you!

just realized all of my pictures on here are from when I was like 18, not much has changed since unfortunately

Anonymous: shietz! i didnt want to say their names! D8 DX

wait wasn’t Marah the girl that everyone thought died but then she came back and said she was hacked or something?

Anonymous: like, at some point you asked about some of the members and i didnt see anything wrong with that so i introduced you and you ended up being friends with them more than me so we stopped talking. do you remember them? winnie,marah,ellie? I got sad after it and we stopped talking just like that

I remember vaguely that studio I think ,and those 3 names sound familiar. Can you add me on skype and we’ll chat? And sorry for making you sad I probably had no idea at the time! I feel really bad now

My skype is xtakashireix

or if you don’t have skype just message me on twitter or something,I really wanna know who you are now because it’s been bugging me like all week that I can’t remember  many of my online friends from back then

And I’ve even started to edit again so It’d be great to have some old friends back :)

Anonymous: Okay I'll admit a small part of who I am. My name starts with J and you were in my studio

see previous response

Anonymous: Well, you see, I'm still very awkward as hell and I just have this feeling that you don't really remember me. Like at that time I considered you a friend but I don't know if you considered me one

i considered everyone i talked to a friend but lost a lot of them when i couldnt get back on to my YouTube account

i’d remember who you are i don’t understand why you’re being anonomouys because i’d love to re connect